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At Harlem Beer Distributing, one taste does not fit all. We seek to bring extraordinary beers with empowering stories directly to those who want it.  We’re dedicated to offering great beverages that reflect the flavor and uniqueness of the craft and communities that inspire them.  

Our story began more than 20 years ago, when word spread about a beer from Harlem. Starting with small batch home brews, our flagship Harlem Sugar Hill Golden Ale and Harlem Renaissance Wit were instant hits! From its launch at the Studio Museum in Harlem and early partnerships with Sylvia’s Restaurant and the Apollo Theater, Harlem Brewing has always brewed it forward, supporting countless charities and community organizations. Over the years, calls and IGs from beer lovers across the country and around the world poured in asking where they could find the beers. Yet few distributors understood the craft beer revolution or how to cultivate the diverse consumer market.

These days, commercials aren’t driving brand awareness, grassroots marketing and social media are. We're proud of the many long standing partnerships that helped sustain our growth both online or on-premise. Over the years, many independent craft beverage suppliers called for advice on how to brew, register, distribute and market their brands. Harlem Beer Distributing and our team of experts in manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing was the answer. We offer competitive prices, great values, and consistent inventory. We strive to compete favorably and professionally and pride ourselves on continuous growth and excellent service!


Harlem Brew South


Craft Beers

Harlem Sugar Hill Ale


Named for the neighborhood immortalized by musicians during the Harlem Renaissance. Sugar Hill Golden Ale offers an unusually rich, smooth character, well-balanced taste    and uncompromised artisanal quality.   This medium body, golden pale ale is known for its drinkability and has a subtle citrus accent with a light  finish of hops and malt flavor. ABV 5.4%  IBU 35   SRM

Harlem Renaissance Wit


The Renaissance Wit is a refreshing and tasty Belgian style wheat ale brewed with spices.

Lightly hopped with rich coriander, cumin, grains of paradise and orange peel for a mellow finish. 

ABV 5.8   

IBU 20


GRAINS 2-Row, Victory, Wheat


Harlem 125 IPA


A refreshing hip hop aroma of citrus and spice. A nutty malt sweetness with everything nice. A mellow finish and a bitterness as long as 125th Street. 

 STYLE American IPA

ABV 7%

IBU 66


GRAINS Pale, Crystal 60

HOPS Citra and Cascade

Strawberry Hard Cider



Semi-sweet with rich layers of flavor and natural fruit astringency, a complement to the fines cuisines. Strawberry  infused cider with a classic blend of New York apples. Enjoy Strawberry Hill forever! Abv 5.7%

Harlem Renaissance Wit glass

 Nucleated Pint Glass with HB láser etching inside bottom of glass.
The HB laser etched “nucleated” glass provides a great sensory experience. When beer is poured onto the etched bottom, this creates more bubbles that  last longer and therefore produces a more stable head.

Spaceway Brewing Company



Craft Beers

Agent 7 Creamy Ale



Creamy and light.


Slightly sweet, malty

Food Pairing:

Asian dishes, sweet and

spicy food


Year round

Alc. Vol. - 5 % IBU – 20

Paper Chaser NEWIPA


It’s clear but juicy with a lot of citrus and melon flavor and aroma.  Centennial Huel and African Queen hops. The abv is 6.8% and IBU 34. 

Spaceway Dank


Spaceway Dank
Hazy, dank, and juicy IPA

5.5% abv

28 IBU

Don Dada Cardamon Stout


An old fashioned slightly

smoky bourbon flavor with a hint

of cardamom.


caramel, cardamom, malty

Food Pairing:

Oxtails, jerk chicken,

chocolate cake

ABV 7% 

IBU  30


200th Anniversary Old Ale


The Rocky Mount Mills 200th Anniversary Old Ale is a  limited edition collaboration between the following breweries: Rocky Mount, Hopfly, BDD, Tarboro, and Koi Pond. The Old Ale is a deep mahogany malty beer made with Eastern Carolina artisan molasses, grits, barley, Hops: Willamette and Perle. 5% ABV. 

Seen It Comin


Deep Red Rye 

American Amber Ale: A deep red rye with hints of dark chocolate and cherry flavor. A hybrid cross between a porter/stout. The added roasted malts give it deep mahogany hues, rich roasty and toasty flavors, fresh rye, hints of toffee and dark chocolate, refreshing complement to a cozy Fall or Winter day.

 Abv, 7.5, IBU 29. 

Spaceway and Harlem Brew South collaboration 

Craft beer available in kegs

Kegs: 1/6 and 1/2


Harlem Wit

Don Dada

Old Ale

Creme Ale
Paper Chaser

Seen it Comin

Dank Juice

Old Ale

Non alcoholic beverages

Muscadine Juices and Ciders


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Premium Organic ​Ginger Lemonade


Handcrafted ~ Non-Alcoholic ~ Locally Brewed & Bottled Organic Beverages ~ Drink Hot or Cold 

Premium Organic ​"New"-Tumeric

Ginger Lemonade​ 8 Oz. Bottle

Premium Organic ​Ginger Lemonade

​8 Oz.  & Large 750 ML Bottles 

Premium Organic Ginger Lemon Water
​14.50 Oz Bottle

The Neighborhood Original

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