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Rocky Mount Mills tours - weekly +19196678141

Artoberfest March 2020 Charlotte

Big news

Bacon and Beer 2018 New York best amber ale award! Sugar Hill Golden Ale! 

Brand Ambassadors are needed in Charlotte, NC! 

Harlem Brewing Company Rocky Mount Mills launch in NC!

HBD obtained HUB Certification from the State of North Carolina!! 

International Jazz Day Celebration 4/27/2019 @NCCU  

NCCU School of Business internships 


Harlem Brew Pairing and Infusions

Harlem Brewing will be releasing its inaugural beer cookbook soon, a collaboration with Angela Bronner Helm, former Essence Mag Editor. The book will feature some of our original bastes, sauces, all made with our beers. It will highlight some of our restaurant partners, chefs, and their take on cooking with our beers.


Brewing it forward $5k HBCU scholarships

NCCU School of Business internships

  stArt of Cool Education Program  The Durham hotel will donate a portion of their Harlem beer sales to this educational jazz program.

SEEDs  develops the capacity of young people to respect life, the earth, and each other through growing, cooking, and sharing food.


Proud sponsor for Boys and Girls Club of  Cumberland  County


How can I help? Ask for Harlem beer at bars and restaurants.  Provide  our team with recommendations for bars and restaurants that will carry Harlem beverages.   Tell us where you shop. Become a brand ambassador.